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Oakland Tech students have the opportunity to take an array of academically rigorous and engaging Honors (HP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

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Tech AP & Honors Courses

Courses meet the criteria for  UC Honors designation and qualify students to earn extra points in their UC GPA computation. Check the UC site for more information

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Is Taking Multiple Honors and/or AP Classes Right for You?

Time is a precious thing in the lives of high school students. When you take AP and/or Honors classes, it becomes an even bigger consideration. The reasons to take an advanced class are:

  • You are thoroughly prepared because of the classes you’ve taken previously; 
  • You are willing to work very hard and put in a lot of extra time (in AP classes, particularly);
  • You are interested in the subject;
  • You are motivated to succeed.

We also encourage you to carefully weigh how many Honors/AP classes you can take at one time given the time and energy required to do well. Doing poorly in an AP/Honors class can have serious consequences. Summer School only offers College Prep level courses (recognized by UC/CSU) — not AP/Honors courses. A low AP/Honors course grade will remain on your transcript and be reflected in your the GPA.

What’s more, dropping AP/Honors classes in the fall or second semester affects the Master Schedule. When a student begins the school year and realizes too late how much work is involved in the class and begins to feel overwhelmed, they often believe that it is easy to move to the lower class level or a different class. College Prep classes may be full and some classes cannot be dropped after a certain time period. We want to avoid this situation by students making informed and permanent decisions during class scheduling period in March.

Bottom line: Learn more about the AP/Honors course(s). Talk to the teacher, a counselor, review the text book, and attend the info sessions. Make an informed decision and commit to doing your best in the classes that you choose.

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