AP & Honors Courses

Oakland Tech students have the opportunity to take an array of academically rigorous Honors (HP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

HP & AP: What Are They, Exactly?

HP and AP classes proceed at a faster pace and cover more material than regular (CP) classes. HP classes do not follow a set curriculum and, though challenging, generally do not qualify for college credit. AP courses follow a set curriculum established by the College Board and may earn college credit for students who score well on end-of-year AP tests. (Please note, that not all colleges give credit for AP classes.) When calculating a student’s Grade Point Average, the UC system assigns extra weight — often referred to as a “weighted GPA” — to grades received in UC-recognized HP and AP courses. Learn more.

Tech AP & HP Courses 

Tech AP & Honors Courses

Courses meet the criteria for  UC Honors designation and qualify students to earn extra points in their UC GPA computation. Check the UC site for more information

Weekday Homework Estimates

ap homework

Course Application Requirements at a Glance

Honors courses

AP Courses

Reasons to Take an Advanced Class

  • You are thoroughly prepared because of the classes you’ve taken previously
  • You are willing to work hard and put in a lot of extra time (in AP classes, particularly)
  • You are interested in the subject
  • You are motivated to succeed

Important Considerations

We encourage students to carefully weigh how many Honors/AP classes they can take at one time given the time and energy required to do well. Doing poorly in an AP/Honors class can have serious consequences. OUSD Summer School only offers College Prep level courses (recognized by UC/CSU) — not AP/Honors courses. Low AP/Honors course grades remain on student transcripts and are reflected in GPAs.

What’s more, dropping AP/Honors classes in the fall or spring semester affect the Master Schedule. Students often mistakenly believe that it is easy to move to a lower level or different class if they feel the accelerated coursework is too challenging. However, that’s frequently not the case. College Prep classes may be full and some classes cannot be dropped after a certain time period. 

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