Daily attendance is critical to student success at Tech. It is vital that students attend every class on time every day. Consistent student attendance also generates money for paying teacher and staff salaries, buying books and keeping our school clean and safe. Attendance is monitored on a daily basis. (However, please do not send your child to school if he or she is contagious). See bell and minimum day schedules.

Absences & Tardies

Excusing Absences

Please call the Attendance Office at 450-5400, ext. 153, 154 or 155 after 8:30 a.m. if your child will be absent from schoolIf your student is in the Fashion, Arts and Design Academy, please call 654-7116. This will eliminate receiving a message from the automatic attendance calling system later in the day.

Excusable Absences
  • Student is ill
  • Quarantine is required by the city or county health department
  • Student medical or dental appointment
  • Funeral of a member of the immediate family (1 day within California; 3 days if outside of the state)
  • Up to 5 days for failure to provide evidence of immunization
  • Participation in religious instruction or exercises
  • Court appearance
  • Religious observance/retreat
  • Student is incarcerated, awaiting a DHP, or on suspension
  • Advance parental notification (Administrative Bulletin 6005)

A note written by a parent or guardian is necessary to clear absences. The note must be taken to the Attendance Office before the 1st Period bell rings upon returning to school. The note should state the first and last name of the pupil, the reason for the absence and the date(s) the child was absent. Parents/guardians must sign the note and include a daytime phone number. The student will be given a pink slip, which the student must then have signed by all teachers. A pink slip will be issued by the Attendance Office before school and at lunch ONLY. Keep the pink slip in your files for the marking period for reference.

  • Students are expected to be in their seats by the 9 AM bell so that teaching may begin without disruption. Students who enter the classroom after 9 AM will be counted tardy by their teacher.
  • Students are considered tardy to class any time they are not in their seat when the bell rings. Students are expected to be on time to all classes. Please see the bell schedule for the start time of each class period. Late slips are never written.
  • Students who are 30 minutes late without a valid excuse three or more times are considered truant and will be referred with their parents to the School Attendance Review Team (SART). Truancy is a serious offense and may result in a criminal complaint against a parent who fails to comply with the state attendance requirement. (Administrative Bulletin 6005)
Unexcused Absences & Tardies

Student consequences include, but are not limited to: parent notification, assignment to after school detention, Saturday school, restriction from participation in extra-curricular activities, attendance contract, referral to SARB and/or a shortened school day.

“Attention to Attendance”: OUSD Attendance Policy

Download (PDF, 107KB)

Attendance Calling System

During registration, parents who have not already enrolled in the automated calling system should select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that allows them access to the system. Each evening, the system calls the parents of students who were absent that day. Parents enter student information for a security match, listen to a menu of excuses, and then enter the appropriate number. The messages are offered in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian. Parents must respond by 3 PM the following day for the absence to be cleared.

Leaving Campus

During school hours, students who wish to leave campus before the end of the school day must obtain a “Permit to Leave” before leaving campus. Students are to take a note, written by a parent/guardian, to the Attendance Office before school or during lunch. The note must state the date, time and reason the student is to leave campus. This procedure must be followed even if the student plans to leave during lunch. When he/she returns, the “Permit to Leave” can be used as a note to receive a pink slip for the hours missed. A student who is off campus without a “Permit to Leave” and is stopped by a truancy officer will be taken to the Truancy Center.

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