Collaborative School Site Council Meeting

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Location: Oakland Tech Library
Parents, students, teachers, and community members
are encouraged to attend.
The CSSC monitors the implementation of the school site plan for student achievement, evaluates the results, and modifies the site plan as needed.

1. Welcome / Roll Call / Establish Quorum
2. Reading & Approval of Minutes of June 11, 2009
3. Elect 2 District Advisory Council representatives
4. Elect 1 Student representative
5. Election of CSSC officers: Chair, Secretary
6. CSSC Training:
6a. Responsibilities of the CSSC
6b. Bylaws
6c. Single Plan for Student Achievement
6d. Recordkeeping
7. Discuss and modify 2009-2010 Single Plan for Student Achievement:
7a. Algebra Module supplemental instruction proposal
7b. Friday Night School proposal
8. Need for Special Meeting of the CSSC: November 16, 2009
9. Public Comment
10. Announcements
11. Next regular meeting date: Monday, December 7, 2009
12. Adjournment
Posted: Friday, October 30, 2009

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