Tech PTSA Seeks 2017-18 Board Members (You, Perhaps?)

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Many of us are likely feeling overwhelmed by the number of urgent problems facing our country. Research has shown that one of the best ways to deal with feelings of powerlessness and frustration is to strengthen connections with families, communities, and organizations.

The Oakland Tech PTSA invites you to get more involved! 

Be part of building something positive, right here in Oakland at your child’s school! The PTSA has been one of the main vehicles for parent engagement at Tech for many years. The PTSA works on behalf of all of Tech’s students, parents, and teachers to accomplish an impressive amount of work in support of Oakland Tech every year. Please help Tech fulfill the motto of California’s PTA: “Every child. One voice.” 

Consider Taking on a Leadership Role

We invite you to take some of your great parent energy and put it into strengthening your student’s school.  Please consider taking on a leadership role in the PTSA next year. In particular, we’re seeking a Secretary and a Director of Communications:


Keep an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and of the executive board. The secretary also sends notices of meetings to executive board members and/or association members, as directed. Read correspondence at executive board and association meetings, as requested by the president. Monthly board meeting attendance is expected.


Oversee the PTSA communications efforts and support the various parent volunteers who work on the website, Bullhorn, Bulldog Bytes and Yahoo Group. Promote PTSA activities and events to Tech families and the greater community, try to sleuth out answers to various parent queries and explore expanding the PTSA social media presence. Monthly board meeting attendance is expected.  

Want to Share a Role?

Interested in helping out but want to share the work? You can find a buddy and have one of you act as the Deputy! One person must be the designated point person, but you can help each other out.  

Email us at for more information, to nominate yourself or to suggest someone you know.


The PTSA Nominating Committee: Becky Austin, Yata Davis, Marlina Davis, Tracey Packer, Cathy Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Ross, Marisa Smith

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