Pathway/Academy Season for 9th Grade Bulldogs

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Each year, we strive to refine our pathway/academy application process for 9th grade students in order to make it more transparent, responsive and welcoming to all. As we grow our 10th — 12th grade pathways, we’re also working to enhance how we present the options to our current freshmen and their families. Learn more about our pathways.

New Application Process

This year, 9th grade students will not only select their 1st/2nd/3rd choices, they’ll also be asked to write down the reasons for their selections. On Jan. 29, pathway directors will conduct brief interviews with any students whose applications didn’t sufficiently answer the queries.

We will then place students based on their choices and interests along with our purposeful intention to have each program represent the diversity of Tech. Placement will be followed by acceptance interviews — an important opportunity for students to ask any remaining questions.

While we would like every student to get into his/her first choice that simply isn’t possible given space limitations. However, we believe — strongly — that each pathway offers rich, engaging coursework and tight-knit communities, and know that students can thrive in any of their choices.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we refine with this process. We encourage all 9th grade families to look carefully at the different pathways and choose according to what best fits each student’s interests. If you would like more information or have any questions about the individual pathways, please attend some of the events planned, or contact the pathway directors directly.

Key Dates 

Dec. 20: Academy Video Presentations in Advisory Classes
  • Current academy students will share experiences in academy in a video presentation  followed by a student survey. 
Jan. 8 – 12: Pathway/Academy Week!
  • All 9th grade students are participating in academy outreach events and lunchtime information sessions (with lunch provided!). Come, ask and learn! 
Jan. 23: Pathway/Academy Info Night for Parents & Students
  • Join your child in learning more about each academy from academy leads, teachers, and students!
Jan. 24: Pathway/Academy Applications Due
Jan. 24: Engineering Academy Assessment
  • A math assessment will be given to all 9th grade students interested in applying to the Engineering Academy. (A study guide will be provided in advance.) 
Jan. 26 – Feb. 1: Directors Place Students Based on Applications
Feb 5 –10: Acceptance Interviews
  • These interviews are designed to ensure the best fit for each student and to allow students to meet lead teachers, express interest and ask questions.
Feb. 12 – 15:Notification of Pathway/Academy Placement
  • 9th grade students will be notified of their academy placement via OUSD student email.

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