In addition to its six pathways, Tech houses two programs — renown Paideia and award-winning Performing Arts. In most instances, students may participate in both a program and a pathway. (The exception: Students in Health and Race, Policy & Law pathways may not be part of Paideia.)


Paideia is a holistic approach to life-long learning with roots in ancient Greece. In contemporary schools across the United States and a few other countries, Paideia is a set of beliefs about education including active and rigorous teaching methods. Paideia educates the whole child by teaching thinking and communication skills, so all learners will develop the ability to synthesize, analyze, create, and relate one’s findings to others through sophisticated verbal and written communication. Paideia principles are used in many classrooms at Tech, but our Paideia program features combined History/English classes. 

Key Skills & Features

Our program offers yearlong integrated courses in grades 10 through 12 emphasizing the social sciences. Students study history, political theory, economics, and literature. In Paideia, students are also prepared to read and write for college matriculation purposes.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Paideia coursework is rigorous with intensive reading, writing and critical analysis. Students apply to — and are recommended into — Paideia in the spring of freshman year. Paideia begins in 10th grade. 

Program Director

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Oakland Tech offers UC A-G Arts Instruction in Music, Dance and Theatre Arts. Students may also take Dance for their P.E. credit if they successfully complete their first year P.E. and pass a fitness test. With a focus on process, rehearsal and performance, the Performing Arts program offers training in a broad spectrum of historical and contemporary performance work. Students study their specific creative discipline in depth, while given the opportunity for performance in school assemblies and evening concerts. Field trips, guest artists and after-school program enhancements are an integral part of our thriving and acclaimed program.


Dance: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced

Drama: Beginning, Advanced; Creative Writing/Spoken Word; Technical Theatre

Music: Jazz Band; Orchestra; Piano; Guitar

Prerequisites & Requirements

Students should sign up with their counselor for Beginning/First Year Courses; Intermediate and advanced coursework is available to second-year Performing Arts students through audition with the instructor. Performances require commitment to rehearsal and performance schedules, including some after-school obligations.

Program Director

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