Help Rowing Club Win Grant

The Oakland Tech Rowing Club is a semi-finalist for a grant from NK Rowing and Paddling for $500 in new ‘cox boxes’ – essential equipment for any rowing team. In order to actually win this grant we have to garner the most votes so we really want to get the word out to the Tech community to vote for Oakland Tech at the following website:

You may cast one vote per email address, and voting closes at the end of March.

The Oakland Tech Rowing Club currently has no equipment to call their own. The team is registered as a school ‘club’; not supported by any funding from the school or the athletic department. In their inaugural year, they are being sponsored by a local Masters rowing club who is lending equipment.

Oakland Tech Rowing Club must begin the process of fundraising and acquiring a small fleet of shells, oars and accessories to sustain growth and hone a competitive edge. With the club being kept within 10-15 athletes in this first year, many races will be focused on rowing Novice 4+’s and a mixed 8+, which require the use of the NK Cox Box, a mainstay of rowing programs everywhere. We must begin by accruing the basics, and in this case the basics are also the best and most reliable NK Cox Box.

With your help, we hope to win this NK Program Grant, which would be a tremendous help in realizing the potential and excitement we see in these young athletes. The sport of rowing can offer discipline, team work and opportunities to this particular demographic of youth to which they have never been exposed. We are excited to see them flourish and could most appreciatively use your support.

Thank you for helping the Oakland Tech Rowing Club!

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