Maxi Grant Equipment Arrived in Time for Races!

Thanks to the PTSA Maxi Grant, we received our new Cox Boxes (in purple and gold!)  just in time to be used in the Head of the Lagoon races! The Coxswains used them to track overall race time and provide rowers with strategy and stroke rate. Used in every practice, they are also essential for drills and providing feedback to the rowers and coaches during training. Thanks again PTSA!

Coxswains?  They are the ones who steer the boats and have the best seat in the house!  Using microphones attached to the CoxBoxes, the coxswains can provide a good course, commands, and information to the crews to be successful. Bombarded with multiple inputs at once (docks, course buoys, wind, drills, starting line instructions, rowers, other boats, coaches instructions), coxswains are a critical element of any crew. So if you are lightweight, can multitask and take charge, want to compete, and the thought of taking a 60′ long boat out for a spin with 8 rowers intrigues you – Check us out!


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