Reporting an Absence

Absences should be reported one of the following ways:

  1. For students at the Main Campus, the parent should call the Attendance Office at 450-5400, between 7:30 AM to 4 PM. If the student is in the Fashion, Arts and Design Academy at the Upper Campus, please call (510) 654-7116. Parents and guardians will also receive an automated message informing you of your student’s absence.
  2. Student brings a note to the Attendance Office the day s/he returns.
  3. Parent sends an email to the attendance office staff: or
  4. Parent verifies the absence in person by going directly to the Attendance Office.
The note must have the following information:​

When your child is absent for any amount of time, you must provide the following information:

  1. Student’s name
  2. The day(s) and date(s) of the absence(s)
  3. The reason for the absence
  4. Parent or guardian signature, and 
  5. Parent or guardian’s home, work and/or cell phone numbers

Special Circumstances

If the child is absent three (3) or more days due to medical reasons, a doctor’s note or other reasonable means of verification may be required.

If the child is chronically ill or incapacitated and can’t attend school for an extended period of time, please contact the school to discuss Home & Hospital instructions.


If a student arrives to school 30 minutes or more late s/he must provide a written note or a phone call to the Attendance Office in order to be admitted into class.

​Returning to School

Student needs to go to the Attendance Office to pick up the his/her Absence Report if an excused absence.

Student brings the Absence Report to each class and teacher signs off. The student is responsible for asking the teacher about missed work.  

​Types of Absences


Under state law, absences are excused only for health reasons: illness, quarantine,  funeral services of an immediate family member, jury duty. When possible, please make all medical appointments during non-school hours or days.​


Under state law, an unexcused absence is an absence for any reason other than health, family emergencies. Taking a vacation, or visiting out of state/country family members are considered unexcused absences.

After three (3) unexcused absences, the child will be classified as truant.

Permission to Leave Campus

If the student has to leave campus during the school day due to a doctor’s appointment or a parent request, please do one of the following:

  1. Send a note with the child and present it to the Attendance Office in the morning in order for the student to get his/her Permit to Leave slip and have a smooth and timely exit process.
  2. Parent contacts or comes into the Attendance Office and requests the student’s dismissal. Be aware that this may delay the timely order the child will be released from class.

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