Boost is a peer tutoring program open to all 9th graders. It takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:35 to 5 PM and is offered in all four core subjects — Math, Biology, English and History (California Studies). Older students repeating Math or Biology are also welcome.

Tutoring is offered in different teacher’s classrooms depending on the day of the week but all sessions are open to all students. That means any student can receive help in a session in any classroom — not just in their own teachers’ classrooms. The teacher is present but the bulk of tutoring is provided by peer tutors who are students in grades 10-12 who have mastered the material and have received coaching.

While many students use Boost for extra help prior to a test or with a paper, all 9th graders are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to do homework in a quiet academic setting with support available whenever needed. Please contact Mr. Colley with any questions.

2017-18 Tutoring Schedule

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