Oakland Technical High School is a microcosm of the city it calls home. We are a vibrant multicultural and multilingual community of more than 2,000 students, 100 dedicated educators and staff and thousands of passionate alumni and supporters. 

We have taught and inspired generations of Oakland youth since our founding in 1914. Today we stand at the forefront of creating highly effective small learning communities –– schools within the school that both energize and focus student education.


Oakland Tech’s mission is to be a thriving and inclusive community that prepares students for college and career success by providing the supports, services and programs they need to be academically, socially and emotionally responsible in school and in their communities.


  • Established: 1914
  • School Colors: Purple and Gold
  • Mascot: Bobo the Bulldog
  • Student Population: 2000+
  • Demographics (figures rounded):
    • 64% Free and Reduced-Price Lunch
    • 17% English Language Learners
    • 10% Special Needs Students
    • 35% African American
    • 23% White
    • 19% Asian
    • 10% Latino
    • 4% Other
  • Two Campuses:
    • Main campus at 4351 Broadway provides 82 classrooms, an auditorium, two gymnasiums, a dance room and library.
    • Upper campus at 5263 Broadway Terrace (5 blocks up Broadway) provides eight classrooms, a computer lab and a work center for the Fashion, Art and Design Academy.
  • Academic Pathway Academies: 5
  • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses: 23


  • All members of the Tech community will work cooperatively and communicate respectfully in a peaceful, safe and clean environment
  • All Tech students will strive to achieve high expectations, meet solid academic standards, and have equal access to an enriching curriculum that will enable them to reach their highest potential.
  • All Tech students will graduate with strong academic, vocational, and social skills, prepared to enter college, quality jobs and career training.


The Pillars of Oakland Tech give voice to our expectations and values as students, staff and community members. We all commit to hold ourselves and each other accountable to the following:

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