Key Contacts

Oakland Tech Main Office

Phone (510) 450-5400 
Fax (510) 450-5428

Upper Campus Office

5263 Broadway Terrace
Phone (510) 654-7116
Fax (510) 654-7157

Attendance Office

Absences should be reported one of the following ways:

  1. For students at the Main Campus, the parent should call the Attendance Office at (510) 450-5400, between 7:30 AM and 4 PM. For students in the Fashion, Arts & Design Academy at the Upper Campus, please call (510) 654-7116. Parents and guardians will also receive an automated message informing you of your student’s absence.
  2. Student brings a note to the Attendance Office the day s/he returns.
  3. Parent sends an email to the attendance office staff: or
  4. Parent verifies the absence in person by going directly to the Attendance Office.

Review detailed attendance procedures and policies.


Learn more about Tech’s security and safety procedures and policies.

Fred Trotter (Head of Security), (510) 927-1318


Review administrative roles and responsibilities.

Staci Ross-Morrison, ext 128

Assistant Principals
Richard Fairly, ext 122

Martel Price, ext 107

Dana Sudduth (Upper Campus), 654-5177

Elizabeth Calzaretta, ext 118

Russell Campisi 

Teachers on Special Assignment
Michelle Gonzales de Jesus

Nicholas Rey

Principal’s Administrative Assistant
Janet Clachar, ext 128

Attendance Alliance Officer
Griselda Jimenez, ext 155

Rosemary Whisenton, ext 119

Counseling Office

Learn more about the Counseling Office.

Theresa Langston, ext 116

Susheela Moonsamy, ext 110

Jacqueline Johnson, ext 114

Amy Martinez, ext 112

LaDale Cummings, ext 151

Community Schools Office

Review the many support services available to Tech students and families.

Community School Manager
Dawn Humphrey, ext 147

After School Director
Taylor Wallace

Restorative Justice
Kusum Krimmel, ext 230

African American Male Achievement
Outside Work Experience Coordinator
Kwame Payne, ext 235

AAMA Teacher

Parent Liaison, SST Coordinator
Debra Carter-Kelly 463-1163

Case Managers/Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
Gynelle McBride, ext 2305

Karega Hart, ext 235

Karen Marker, ext 156

Speech Pathologist
Sharon Rhynes, ext 243

School Nurses
Sarah Boyd

Amanda Epperson 

(510) 879-1998 ext 179

Student Support Specialists
Marcus Bailey

Vanessa Nutters

Latasha Taylor

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