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Together we are strong

For over 100 years, Oakland Tech has helped students to achieve academic excellence. Families contribute to this success by supporting the PTSA.

The Oakland Tech PTSA plays a major role in supplementing the school budget for basic supplies, as well as programs, projects, sports teams and extracurricular and afterschool activities. Our goal is to support students and teachers throughout the entire school community. 

Donations to the Annual Fund Campaign go to the general fund of the PTSA. Expenditures of the general fund budget are discussed in committees and voted on by the full membership. Every parent is encouraged to come to meetings and join the active committees, including the Mini and Maxi Grant Committees, that review requests twice each school year. 


How much should I give? $1 per day? 
There is no ‘right amount.’  Other schools in the area ask for between $200 and $1500 per student. 

How to choose an amount:

Every year we see gifts from $10 to $1000. We value each and every gift, no matter how small or large. All donations amounts are kept strictly confidential.  

Do I have to give monthly?
No. Many families choose monthly support because it makes it easy for them to give comfortable amounts automatically each month.  You can also make a one-time donation here.

If you would prefer to give by check (and thus avoid processing fees), please send your tax deductible check (federal tax ID #94-6174624) to :

Oakland Tech PTSA
Attn: Financial Secretary
PO Box 22524
Oakland CA, 94609

More questions? 

If you have ideas about how to gather more support for our high school STEM, sports, arts and library program, contact the PTSA volunteer in charge of  fundraising and development by emailing

For information about a past donations, contact the



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