Coach: Gaila Phillips
Phone: 510-938-2815
Practice Location: Al Kyte Field and Joaquin Miller Park
Post-Season: OAL Championship Meet, State Meet

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the rules will be the same as stated in the Track and Field Rule Book of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations.
  2. All meets shall be held at the at Joaquin Miller Park course.   Meets will start at 3:30, 4:00, and 4:30pm.  The second and third races may start earlier if the time schedule permits.  The first two teams prepared to run will have the privilege of running the race first.
  3. Schools may enter as many as twelve (12) competitors in each meet, but must designate the seven (7) competitors whose points will count toward the team score.
  4. In order to run in the final Cross Country Meet, a runner must have run in at least two of the league meets.
  5. A Junior Varsity race may be run immediately following the Varsity race.
  6. The school designated as the second school in the above schedule will be the home school and will conduct the meet for that day.
  7. Age:  No student whose nineteenth (19th) birthday is attained prior to June 15th may participate or practice on any team.  A student whose nineteenth birthday is on or before June 14th is eligible.

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