Principal’s Letter to Community Re: Budget Cuts

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Greetings Oakland Tech Community,

As many of you are aware, our school’s budget for the remainder of the 2017-2018 academic year has been cut by Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) as part of its effort to balance its budget and improve its financial management.

We write you today with an update on the impact of these cuts at our school. We were asked to cut our budget by $413,462 and without reducing the allocations of our “base” funding or our special education funding. We were restricted to cutting allocations of “Supplemental” and “Discretionary” funds.  

Our top priority in this process was to minimize the impact on students and classrooms. We did everything that we could to preserve all personnel at our school, but we unfortunately had to reduce our staff. The following positions were cut as part of these unusual mid-year reductions:

  • School Site Business Manager, Charlene Johnson
  • Library Clerk, Nakia Carroll

We want to offer a huge thank you to these staff members for their service, and we wish them the very best. They received notice earlier this month that their positions are being eliminated. Their last day at Oakland Tech will be in mid-March.

We also came up with reductions of about $30,000 in supplies (including paper and computers), food and refreshments (for meetings, events, and exam days), and conferences — plus more than $40,000 in extended contracts and overtime for employees.

Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of reductions, but we recently received confirmation that we will have funding to allow our AAMA (African-American Male Achievement) instructor and our STIP sub (in performing arts) to stay on board until the end of the year. We are also working with the PTSA and other groups to see how we can keep the cut positions on board and keep our library open, at least until June. We do not expect other positions be impacted, but nothing has been finalized.

And, finally, we want to say a huge thank you to the school community for your continued support as we work and advocate together for the best possible outcomes for our students. We have been amazed by the tremendous efforts we have observed to engage in thoughtful and caring dialogue about the challenging financial situation before us.


Josue Diaz Jr. & Staci Ross-Morrison

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