Principal Letter Re: Student-Led Oakland Tech Day of Action, March 14

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Dear Oakland Tech Families,

We know that our students have strong opinions about many of the important issues of the day, and we are always working to find ways to help them share those messages with the rest of our community.

As you may know, Wednesday, March 14 is the one-month anniversary of the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It is also the day that students across the nation will protest in honor of those who lost their lives on February 14.

Here at Oakland Tech we fully support our students’ First Amendment rights, and we will be
helping amplify their voices on March 14. To keep the students safe and to show them we
support their efforts to make a difference in the world, we are providing a safe space for them to rally and share their thoughts about guns and gun control. Oakland Tech’s student leaders have held a series of meetings to organize our Day of Action. Students that choose to demonstrate
will participate in a sit in on the front lawn where members of the community will speak about gun violence, we will observe a 17-minute moment of silence, one for each Stoneman life that was lost and students will have the opportunity to engage in other activities, all on the front lawn. Students will be encouraged to register to vote and to letter write to our nation’s officials.

Oakland Tech’s Day of Action will begin at 10 AM and end at lunch. Participating in the Day of Action is optional. Many teachers will remain in their classrooms; others will join the sit in if all of their students participate.

One potential problem we see is students deciding to leave campus during this planned walkout. This is strongly discouraged at all OUSD middle and high schools and expressly forbidden at all elementary schools. Any student who does leave campus will be unsupervised and potentially marked absent.

Oakland Tech students are permitted on the front lawn area or in class only. Any student that leaves campus will receive a consequence. Students cannot enter any business establishment during this time. We ask you to please discuss these issues with your student and remind them that staying on campus will keep them safe and ensure that their voices are heard.

Thank you for supporting safety on our campus and our students’ efforts to be heard.


Staci Ross-Morrison and Josue Diaz

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