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Ms. Ross-Morrison

Attending school and being on time to class every day when the bell rings are some of the ways our students thrive.  At the start of most classes, teachers have students complete a Do Now, a short activity that informs teachers of what their students understand or what needs to be retaught. This type of informal assessment is one of the ways our teachers check for understanding.  Do Now’s receive credit. When students arrive late, they unintentionally lower their grades because they miss these important in-class tasks.

This year, Tech is focusing more resources on improving attendance. We are in the process of purchasing 360 Suites —a software program that will help us monitor the attendance of each student. We will provide more information about the software once we begin to use it. Also, we do understand that students have to miss school due to illness or other excused absences. Please review the updated Attendance page on our website to learn specifics about the protocols for when your student is absent.

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