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Ms. Ross-Morrison

Teacher Vacancy Update

We are pleased to report that we have extended an offer to a math teacher and he has accepted. He will begin teaching once he is finished going through the HR process, which will hopefully be by the end of the week. We are in the process of interviewing candidates for the English and Ethnic Studies course, and we continue to interview for a physics teacher.  Thank you to the community for spreading the word about these vacancies. More information is available here.

Marijuana Use + TUPE Services

At the PTSA meeting last week, I shared that I am concerned about the increase of marijuana use.  I am very worried about our young people and how it seems that marijuana is taking over many of their lives. I am also concerned about vaping and edibles. Students are moving towards vaping and edibles because they do not leave an odor — making it more challenging for administrators and teachers to know what students are doing. I am hoping we can work together to educate our kids about marijuana. Students need to know that it is illegal for them to possess drugs on a school campus.

While marijuana use can be challenging for us to control, we do have intervention services in place, and are working hard, and fast, to expand them. We currently have two Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) counselors on site, and we have another counselor going through the HR process and should be at Tech soon. 

TUPE counselors offer individual and group counseling. In order to refer a student to TUPE counseling, the Coordination of Services Team (COST) referral form needs to be completed. The form is found in the counseling office and the main office and may be completed by a parent or student.  The COST team meets every Wednesday and information is reviewed for each child.  The team assesses the current situation and puts interventions into place.  If a student is referred to TUPE, the counselor will reach out to the student and schedule a time for counseling sessions that are preferably not during class time.

Please read this article from the New York Time about marijuana addiction.

In Unity, 

Staci Ross-Morrison

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