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Ms. Ross-Morrison

Teacher Vacancy Update

We are getting closer to filling the English teacher vacancies. We have interviewed several candidates and we have now extended offers to two of them. The candidates need to go through the Human Resources process, which we hope will take only a short time. I will continue to provide updates as the process unfolds. Thank you to the community for referring teacher candidates to me.

Instructional Rounds

One of the ways that we monitor teaching and learning is through Instructional Rounds — an OUSD-wide high school strategy focused on continuous improvement to advance the quality of teaching and learning for all students. This professional learning collaborative structure brings together Oakland Tech school leaders with principals from other OUSD high schools. Principals from Coliseum Community Prep and Oakland High were on the Tech Instructional Rounds team and recently visited our campus and classrooms. On Thursday of this week, I will participate in Instructional Rounds at Oakland High.

The Instructional Rounds team gathers evidence around patterns of student learning and makes recommendations to the school Instructional Leadership Team about where to focus professional learning. All of this is in support of schools trying to solve issues related to student learning, or their Problem of Practice (POP).  The classrooms of focus are based on a particular area that school leaders want to learn more about.  

At Tech, the POP centered on teacher questioning — specifically, what types of questions do teachers ask students. We also focused on the level of deep, critical thinking inspired by those questions. We observed three classrooms — a Government class, an Honors English class, and a Freshman English class. Results from the Instructional Rounds will be shared with the staff and we will use data from the classrooms to develop professional learning opportunities.

In Unity,

Staci Ross-Morrison, Principal

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