New Electives for 2019-20: Contact Counselor if Interested

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We’re delighted to offer four new electives for the 2019-20 school year. Because these electives were added after students submitted their course selection forms, students interested in any of the following should meet with their counselors to add it to their course requests for next year.

  • B7601 Stagecraft (open to all): Stagecraft is the technical aspect of theatrical, film, and video production. It includes constructing and rigging scenery; hanging and focusing of lighting; design and procurement of costumes; make-up; stage management; audio engineering; and procurement of props.
  • N1102 Choir P (open to all): Beginners and advanced chorus and ensembles.
  • P0921 African Dance (open to all): African dance. may include but is not limited to moves, rhythms, and rituals so central to tribal life survived slavery and cultural appropriation that influences western society and choreography while remaining a vibrant component of African tradition today.
  • B2602 Art & Communication for Social Change (Dramatic Art) (open to all; priority given to RPL students): The Art for Social Communication and Change course focuses on students’ personal expression and communication skills. Each unit will be aligned with professional guest artists who specialize in Art as a healing practice for the individual, society, and our planet. This year-long course will cover Art forms through a social justice lens such as collage, spoken word poetry, political posters, watercolor,  playwriting, self-portrait, symbol making, mural projects, street photography, music, mural painting, and relief sculpture. Students will create individual and group artistic works while participating in self-reflection and peer feedback process. 

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