OT Hockey Wins Championship: Congratulations, Bulldogs!

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Tech’s hard-charging, puck-flying coed hockey team won the The Sharks High School Hockey JVC Championship — their second win two years in a row! — on March 17. The only school-sponsored team in a club-team league, the Bulldogs secured their win after trailing Fresno most of the game. According to one enthusiastic spectator:
“We began the third period behind by 3 goals (3-6), against the undefeated Fresno. Yet at the end of regulation time, the game was tied 6-6. These players did not give up. Hurt players got back up and skated more. And the coaches remained focused and clear in their instructions. Near the end of the first sudden-death overtime period, we advanced the puck deep into Fresno’s zone and were working hard to make a chance… and then there it was, the puck in the back of the net!”
Congratulations, OT Ice Hockey players and coaches. A thrilling end to a great season!

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