Letter to 9th Grade Families Re: Make Up PFT & 10th Grade PE

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Hello Oakland Tech Bulldog 9th grade Students/Parents,
I am sending this message out to you all in regards to the pending make up Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) that were scheduled for June 3.
Unfortunately, due to issues with the 2019-20 Master Schedule and budgetary concerns, we are no longer making it mandatory for rising 10th graders to take PE in 2019-20 ONLY.  
That being the case, the scheduled make up PFT for June 3 is now a moot point because the purpose was to reduce the numbers of students who would potentially need to take 0 Period PE next year to accommodate their academy placements. Again, if your child DID NOT pass the PFT that will NOT have a bearing on their schedule next year and they will NOT be forced into a “0” period elective. Nevertheless, all current 9th graders must still obtain 20 units of PE credit to graduate from OUSD.
Students will now have to get their 2nd year of PE credit by taking one of the following actions:
  • Opt in to take it during their 10th grade year by visiting their counselor (space is very limited and will be granted on a first come, first serve basis; must pass with a grade of D or better for credit; probably should not have an academy elective as well. Only 52 spaces available.)  
  • Enroll in PE during their 11th or 12th grade year at Oakland Tech (must pass with a grade of D or better for credit )
  • Use Advanced Sports waiver (participants in OAL-sanctioned sports and several club sports can apply for this.) Students can obtain credit for one sport played per semester, which counts as 5 units per semester for 15 units max for Advanced Sports credit.  
We are hopeful that this will be the last and only year this will be necessary as we are potentially shifting to a block schedule in 2020-21 that has 7 periods, which will make taking PE in the 10th grade less burdensome for those who don’t pass the PFT.
All, please accept our apologies for the late notice. We had to wait for the results from the state and are in the process of finalizing the master schedule. The wait made us look at this situation as it stands, and make the decision we needed to make now.

Martel Price

9th grade Assistant Principal
Oakland Technical H.S.

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