82% Registered Online By Aug. 2!!!; ID Card & Schedule Pick-Up, Aug. 5 & 6 (updated 8/2/19)

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Oakland Tech Families Have Achieved 82% Online Registration by August 2! Great Job!

This year, online registration has 4 parts: (1) the online registration documents, (2) the meal form or LCFF form, and (3) the Aeries Parent Portal account registration, and (4) the student ID photo. These should be completed before August 5.

You can also save time on registration day by completing your Techniclinic Release form. Techniclinic staff will be available at registration to discuss this form with you. The Medical History form is also available to download for families who need it. You will discuss this form with the school nurse during the first week of school. These two forms are not submitted online, and families who use them will need to print them out. THE MEDICAL HISTORY FORM IS PROVIDED HERE FOR DOWNLOAD AS A CONVENIENCE, AND IT IS NOT TO BE SUBMITTED DURING REGISTRATION.

All new and returning students have received either an email or a text message from the OUSD Student Welcome Center with information about registering online in Schoolmint. This is an exciting new development, and it is sure to save families a lot of time and stress.

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth process:

Complete Online Registration by Friday, Aug. 2

Log into Schoolmint here using the sign-in information you received in your email or text.

Your login should be either your email address or primary phone number. If you need to look up your Username, click the link for “Forgot Username”. If you forgot your password, click the link for “Forgot Password” to reset it. Once you are in Schoolmint, you can complete your registration documents online and submit them. If you do this, you will not need to print out the documents for in-person registration. If you are not able to log into Schoolmint, please send an email to Mr. Fairly at richard.fairly@ousd.org.

Meal Form or LCFF Form–You Choose

This year, the district is providing a meal application for students who wish to participate in the meal program and a separate LCFF form for students who will not. We encourage every family to complete one of these forms. Begin the process for these forms here:
Log into the Meal Form or LCFF Form here 

Submit Student Photo for ID Card

Each Oakland Tech student will be receiving an email or text message from My Legacy Matters, if we have your cell phone or email on file. The message will allow you to take a Selfie Image for your ID Card for the first time. This is a new program and an opportunity to save time on the registration day. Our school is one of the first to use it so please be patient. If you receive the text or email, follow the instructions. If you do not receive the text or have any “challenges”, we will have a card ready for you at the registration. Please do not call the school if you do not receive the message. My Legacy Matters will be able to finalize things at registration.

Aeries Parent Portal

Parents and primary guardians who do not yet have a parent account on the Aeries Portal will be receiving an email with information needed to create the account. This will give you a private login and access to your student’s grades and attendance.

Mandatory In-Person ID Card & Schedule Pick-Up, Aug. 5 & 6; Make-Up Day, Aug. 9

Students must come to Tech in person — it’s mandatory! — to pick up their photo ID cards and class schedules. (A parent needs to come as well – the district requires it and this is a chance to stop by the PTSA table, join the PTSA and see ways you can be part of the Bulldog community.) We tentatively plan to check-out textbooks during in-person registration this year, too. Can’t attend on either the 5th or 6th? Review the schedule below.

Techniclinic and Medical History Forms (see below)

Tentative Registration Schedule & Instructions 

  9th – 10th 11th – 12th Make-Up Day
Registration Day Monday


9 AM – 2 PM

9th & 10th Grade


9th Grade Orientation: 3 sessions @ 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM



9 AM – 2 PM

10th-12th Grades


Evening session by pre-scheduled appointment only: 5 – 7 PM



9 AM – 2 PM, by pre-scheduled appointment only

All Grades

Students who need to register during the evening session on Tuesday, Aug. 6, or on the Make-Up Day on Friday, Aug. 9, MUST send an email request to Ms. Boytes at marisol.boytes@ousd.org to pre-schedule an appointment.

Tech will use Yellow Cards again this year to manage the in-person registration process. There will be a separate line that is generously staffed to distribute cards to students who completed online registration. The student will take the registration card to each station and receive a passport stamp indicating that the step has been completed. No students who have incomplete immunization records will be allowed to begin the in-person registration process, in accordance with district policy.

Here’s the tentative plan for registration. Check back here later in the summer as details and more information become available. 

  • Station 1 [Lobby] – Yellow Card distribution; information about incomplete immunization records
  • Station 1A [Library] – (Optional) Computers and volunteers available to complete online registration and Aeries portal
  • Station 2 [Textbook Room] – Debts, Textbook Return
  • Station 3 [Teacher Cafeteria] – Online registration verification and change of address verification
  • Station 4 [Teacher Cafeteria] – Online meal form verification
  • Station 5 [Student Cafeteria] – Aeries.net portal account verification
  • Station 6 [Student Cafeteria] – PTSA information and membership form
  • Station 7 [Student Cafeteria] – La Clinica/TechniClinic release form
  • Station 8 [Student Cafeteria] – Photos and Photo ID cards
  • Station 9 [Quick Lunch Room] – Student class schedule; turn in Yellow Card
  • Station Area 10 [Quick Lunch Room] – Organization Tables: KDOL, Athletics, Athletics Boosters, eScrip, Planners, Student Groups, Scribe, Wells Fargo, Library (no stamp)
  • Station Area 11 [Quick Lunch Room] – PE Uniforms (no stamp)
  • Station Area 12 [Textbook Room] – Textbook check-out (no stamp)


Techniclinic Parent Consent Form

Download (PDF, 201KB)

Download (PDF, 209KB)

Download (PDF, 1.57MB)

Download (PDF, 2.2MB)

Download (PDF, 2.33MB)

Medical Management Plan

Download (PDF, 42KB)

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