Principal’s Corner: Being Safe At Tech

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The first weeks of school have been great.  The energy on campus is positive and energizing.  Oakland Tech is the only high school in OUSD that allows students to venture off campus for lunch.  We must respect this privilege and be Good Bulldogs while in the community.   We ask that students do not go on private property when off campus.   Jaywalking is dangerous and does not build great relationships between us and our neighbors, use the crosswalks.  

As a reminder to students, there is safety in numbers.  When transitioning between campuses, walk on Broadway and if possible, walk in the company of peers.  When walking, stay vigilant, unplug at least 1 ear so you can hear and notify staff if you see anything suspicious.   While on campus and around campus, keep your belongings on your person.  Cell phones are often stolen so please take care of your phone.  I have a motto, “If you love it, leave it at home.”  That way you can ensure you have your prized possessions when you would like to use them.  
Staci Ross-Morrison
Oakland Technical High School
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