Principal’s Corner: Meet the New Counselors and Teachers

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Hello Bulldogs!

The first few days of school are busy for staff and students, and I know there are many emotions as the school year begins.  I know the beginning of the year can also be a difficult transition for some, and I hope as the days move forward the transition will get easier.   

This year brings many new staff members and some changes to our Bulldog family.

A warm welcome to our 2 new counselors, Dr. Natalie Cunningham and Ms. Emily Schoenhofer.   After this week, it will be easier for students and parents to access all of our counselors for support.  We now have 6 counselors instead of 4 which we are thrilled about. There will be 2 counselors supporting the Freshman class, the other 4 will be supporting the Sophomores – Seniors.  The Counselor assignments are as follows:

Ms.Theresa Langston – 9th grade A-Luong (Currently Ms.Teresa Williams is subbing for Ms.Langston who is out on maternity leave.)

Dr.Natalie Cunningham – 9th grade Luu-Z

Ms.Susheela Moonsamy – 10th-12th A-E

Ms.Amy Martinez – 10th-12th F-Liang

Ms. Emily Schoenhofer – 10th-12th Liao-Q

Ms.Jacqueline Johnson – 10th-12th R-Z

And we are excited to welcome 16 new teachers to Tech.

Holly Adler, RSP Position SPED

Barbara Allen, Mild/Moderate SPED

Digger Barrett, 9th ELA/Ethnic Studies

Jennifer Belmont, Mild to Moderate SPED

Ryan Cox, Geometry/Algebra 2

Jessica DeStefano, Mild to Moderate SPED

Stuart Luman, Paideia HP 11th, HP 11th  English 

Elizabeth Mahlke, English 12

Sa’adia Massarano, Health Academy, Physiology/Biology

Mary Monroe, FADA Fundamentals

Emily Moreno-Hernandez, Chemistry/Physiology

Lauren Nord, 9th ELA/Ethnic Studies

Obasi Okeke, FADA English 11/12

Alyse Schneider, Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Support

Liz Vaughn, 9th ELA/Ethnic Studies

We look forward to a great 2019-2020 school year, 

Staci Ross-Morrison


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