Principal’s Corner: More Information About the Rumored Threat to Oakland Tech

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I am reaching out to you with an update to the school threat toward Oakland Tech. We are continuing to follow up on all leads and trying to understand the source of the rumors about a threat to Oakland Tech. As of today, we have not uncovered an actual threat to the campus. We have seen many posts where people are sharing what they have heard but we have not seen a post with a direct threat. These posts, although meant to inform the community have had an entirely opposite effect. Our community is now on edge and nervous.

On Thursday, a parent dropping off a student overheard students speaking of a threat to shoot up our assembly. Once we learned of the threat, we contacted police, who were already on campus and began to investigate this new incident. The parent was contacted and an attempt was made to understand the threat. Again, no credible threat was uncovered, but teachers were informed. Some teachers decided not to attend the assembly, but most attended and were able to appreciate the hard work of the drama students and teachers.

The incidents this week have caused a regression of school culture and made it clear that we need to discuss many cultural issues including how to respond to rumors, bystander culture, racism and the stigmatization of people with disabilities. I met with members of the Climate and Culture team to plan how we will address these issues. Tomorrow, our Restorative Justice Coordinator, Ms. T and student circle keepers will hold circles for members of our community who need to talk and process the incidents of the week during 1st, 2nd and 4th periods. After we return from Thanksgiving break, we will hold a series of workshops that address many of these issues. We will send communication about these workshops and please encourage your student to attend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly as we are committed to ensuring students continue to learn and have a safe, positive, and productive experience here at Oakland Tech. Thank you for keeping us informed and please continue to share any information you hear to school officials.

Staci Ross-Morrison

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