Switching Tech’s Discussion Group to Groups.IO

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Due to Yahoo’s changes removing most of the functionality of Yahoo Groups, the PTSA is going to switch to another groups provider by December 1st. 
We’ve researched our options and have selected Groups.IO, one of the most advanced email group services available. Many other organizations have also selected groups.io, including several local yahoo groups.
Until groups.io is fully setup, OaklandTechPTSA Yahoo Group will continue to function, with a slight change. You can still post a message via email but you cannot go to groups.yahoo.com to post a message. It will still be moderated. Please continue to use Yahoo groups until we let you know Groups.IO is ready. 
Our new Oakland Tech discussion group on Groups.IO will be https://groups.io/g/OaklandTechTo join the new group, you can email Oakland Tech parent Vivek Bhatia directly at vivek-oths@thebhatiagroup.com. Please indicate your name, which email you want to use and your child’s expected year of graduation. Class of 2020, Class of 2021. 

You may be politely asked what is your affiliation with the school to guard against automated bots, etc.  Please allow us four days to process. 

Until we are ready to launch our new group, please continue to use Yahoo Groups (you can still email messages) if you are already using it. 

Never even knew there was an online Tech Discussion group? That’s ok, you can join now! 

When we are ready to launch Groups.IO, the moderators will send a greeting. 

Questions? Email us at communications@oaklandtech.com


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