New Elective Class for Academic Year 2020-21: Art of Digital Media

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Art of Digital Media will be offered in the fall of 2020. The class runs the entire school year. This is a standard elective class for students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Students who take the class will receive their visual and performing arts credit for University of California.

Course description: This course uses professional digital tools to explore, analyze and create visual stories. Using video, animation, and print media students can communicate ideas, develop narratives, and learn the language of visual storytelling. Students will investigate what a story is, break it down, and understand the structure that makes it effective. The class will then focus on the tools of visual storytelling: the elements of art and principles of design. These fundamentals can be applied to drawing, painting, photography and video. Once the essentials of visual language are introduced the class can proceed to the production process. This is when the story comes to life. Drawing fundamentals and principles of animation provide tools for the artist to create visual material to edit into a final product. Students can also work with live action video and focus on the editing process to build the story. In the final stage of the class, students apply the theory and tools from previous sections and produce a finished film, vlog, game design, or work of sequential art. 

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