A Message From PTSA President Andrea Dooley

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Dear Tech Community:

It’s been a strange few days, hasn’t it? Our household has been more peaceful than I expected, but we miss our friends and freedom of movement. I know a lot of people have been anxious about so many different facets of our shelter in place, and I wish I had more concrete information for you.

I can tell you this: OUSD principals are meeting to figure out longer-term plans for teaching/learning; food, medical care, and social services; testing and grading; and all the other components that our school serves. Please answer Mr. Fairly’s Parent/Family Contact Information Survey so that the school can communicate with every family directly when necessary.

Governor Newsom’s remarks yesterday about closing for the remainder of the school year were, at this point, off-hand and speculative — NOT a policy announcement. Please wait to hear from our superintendent about any changes to the school calendar.

Finally, please reassure your kids that teachers will be flexible about due dates and schoolwork, and that they should do the best they can, reach out with questions, and stay at least six feet away from each other!

I hope we will have more information soon.


Andrea Dooley
Oakland Tech PTSA President

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