Important Message for Dual Enrollment Students in the Coronavirus Crisis

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A message from Oakland Tech Assistant Principal Dana Sudduth:
I hope this email reaches you in good health and I sincerely hope you are managing okay given these unprecedented circumstances. We wanted to provide an update regarding Dual Enrollment courses, as we just received official communication and clarity about how Peralta’s Coronavirus response will be impacting our Dual Enrollment program, and options for students moving forward. As of today, here is a summary of our most important updates. Note: Students in dual enrollment and their parents should know that they must request withdrawal through their child’s counselor before they submit documents to Peralta. Parents cannot edit rosters, only the designated coordinator can.
  1. All Peralta Courses, including DE courses, will move to a virtual platform starting April 6th through May 22nd.
  2. Students have two options:
    1. Option #1: Continue taking the course online by following the instructions via the virtual platform (e.g. Canvas) utilized by the instructor
    2. Option #2: The student may opt for the following grading option:
      1. “EW” or Excused Withdraw: A student is permitted to withdraw from a course(s) due to specific events beyond the control of the student.
        1. For Spring 2020, the EW grade will NOT impact a matriculating student’s financial aid eligibility and SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) at Peralta. 
        2. EW grades will NOT be calculated when it comes to Academic Probation and GPA.
        3. Students may decide to take an EW anytime between now and the last day of the course.
        4. An “EW” will be on the students’ official Peralta transcript.
        5. A student may repeat a course for which they received an EW, and replace it with a higher letter grade. 
        6. More details about EW’s from Peralta here


Please contact your counselor before withdrawing from a dual enrollment course.



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