March 25 School Site Council Meeting Moved to Online Platform

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The Oakland Tech Collaborative School Site Council meeting on Tuesday, March 25, will be conducted over the ZOOM online platform to be compliant with the “shelter in place” order currently in effect. The meeting will take place from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

A School Site Council (SSC) is the representative body tasked with developing, monitoring, and approving the school’s strategic site plan (SPSA) and all related categorical expenditures. The SSC is the key deliberative body for the allocation of Title I funds and other resources to improve academic outcomes for all students and as such should be representative of the school community.

March 25 Agenda:

  1. Call to order
  2. Welcome
  3. Read and review February minutes
  4. Preview 20-21sy SPSA
  5. Review 19-20sy Title 1 budget
  6. Approval of 19-20sy Title 1 expenditures
  7. Approval to carry over 19-20 Title 1 funds
  8. Review 20-20sy Title 1budget
  9. Approval of 20-21 sy Title 1 expenditures
  10. Public Input
  11. Establish Date of next meeting and adjourn

Next meeting date: April , 2020

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