March 25 Update from Principal Ross-Morrison

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The Unpredictable Time We are Living In
I know this time has been stressful, and the unpredictable nature of the day to day is a big change.  I have been spending time with my family which has been a positive for me.  I continue to work long days and have been busy with budget development for 2020-21.  The administrative team is busy with logistics and is also guiding teachers with how to support students during this time.  I have had questions about the block schedule for 2020-21; and yes, we are moving forward with the new schedule and covid 19 has not impacted this.  In fact, teachers are continuing to plan their curriculum for the block schedule.  My days are more lonely now that I am not at Tech.  I think about the students and teachers all day long, and I miss the Oakland Tech community so much.  
Ongoing Learning and Assignments
I really hope students are able to learn during this time and even try something new.  I am teaching my daughters how to change a tire!  School assignments are posted on the google document below; it is organized by teacher’s last name.
OUSD also has a webpage for each school where parents can see the assignments listed.
Good Health to All
Sending virtual hugs and good health to all.
Principal Ross-Morrison

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