Senior Withdrawal Process

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All seniors must go through the withdrawal process, even if you are not graduating. When on campus, you must wear masks. At present, we do not have masks to provide, so please be sure to bring a face-covering with you. Students must also bring their student ID or government ID. Only students will be allowed on campus to complete this process. No one may be on campus if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or if they or someone in their household has a confirmed case within the previous three weeks.

On Wednesday, May 20th, we will open the campus for Seniors to complete the withdrawal process. Senior withdrawal make up day is Thursday, May 21st for students who have a conflict. You will be able to collect your caps, gowns, and graduation momentos from Achievers, clean out your lockers and return books and all Oakland Tech owned materials, including athletic uniforms. Book debts will be emailed to student email accounts. Start looking for your books now. If your books are in a teacher’s classroom, please email the teacher so that they can return the book for you.

We have created a very tight schedule and students will have a maximum of 30 minutes to get on and off-campus. Students must come during their assigned times and will not be allowed to remain on campus once they have collected their things.

We are limiting the number of bodies on campus for the purpose of social distancing and the safety of all students. Please be mindful of your spacing and pay attention to markers present at each collection station. Teachers will not be on campus to sign you out. If you have items that belong to teachers you will be able to drop them off. Please bring them labeled with the teacher’s name and your nameBelow are the times for seniors to come to visit campus and check out. The letters next to each time block represent the first initial of the student’s last name. For example,seniors with the last name starting with the letters A through E are to come to school on Wednesday between 9:00 am and 10:00am. All students from any given group should be off campus by the end of their given time period.

Senior Student Access: Wednesday, May 20th

9:00- 10:00: Last name: A-E

10:00-11:00: Last name: F-L

11:00-12:00: Last name: M-S

12:00-1:00: Last name: T-Z


Make-up Schedule, Thursday, May 21st

9:00- 930: Last name: A-E

9:30-10:00: Last name: F-L

10:00-10:30: Last name: M-S

10:30-11:00: Last name: T-Z



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