Information About Textbook Distribution and OUSD Technology Surveys for Student Internet Access

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Dear Oakland Tech Families,

Thank you for your patience as we approach the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year. We are writing today to share information about the registration process and process to pick up textbooks and digital technology (if needed).

Most of you (80%) have actually completed the actual registration paperwork that is generally completed during a typical in person registration. Most of you all did this by logging into your Aeries parent portal during June and July and checking off the various agreements and adding information where necessary. We are grateful for this fact as it will minimize how many people we will need to contact to complete online registration over the phone. We still realize however that many of you all still need and want to pick up textbooks and schedules for your student(s) as soon as possible.

We are still working out the exact details of the textbook/device pick up, but please know that you will be informed and all information will be shared on Oakland Tech’s website as well as in a robocall as soon as it is set.

As we finalize these details, Oakland Tech is modifying our class schedule for all students to fit our move to Distance Learning and the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also planning for a safe and socially distanced distribution process according to the Alameda County Health Department requirements. OUSD has extended the registration period for all schools to August 21 to accommodate these tasks. Please be patient as we are all striving to do our best in the conditions that exist currently.

Part of the delay is due to the fact that we are waiting for schedules to be finalized (by August 5) as there has been a shift in the daily student class schedule because of the move toward Distance Learning and the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally there are new protocols that have been introduced around the registration process that require OUSD and Alameda county approval before we can even start the pickups. As a result, OUSD has extended the registration period to August 2t to accommodate these factors. Please continue to be patient as we are all striving to do our best in the conditions that exist currently.


Our most urgent concern right now is to find any Oakland Tech families who still need a way to connect to distance learning. We can loan Chromebooks and hotspots (Internet connections) to students who need them. We don’t want any student to be left out. In order to get this information, we will be sending two surveys.


This is a Google Form from Oakland Tech where you can enter information about your technology needs.

Essentially we need to know:

  1. Do you have Internet access at home that will allow your child to connect to their distance learning experience? In other words, do you require an internet Hotspot?
  2. Do you need a Chromebook to use at home that will allow your child to access their distance learning courses.



You will soon be asked to complete OUSD’s TECH CHECK survey on Aeries. This survey is OUSD’s attempt to assess the overall needs of the community. That survey will help to determine if you qualify “Oakland Undivided” which means your child will get a computer to keep forever and possibly a hotspot/internet service for a year along with other technical support.

The TECH CHECK survey is another way that we will double check and make sure that we have found every student who needs a Chromebook or hotspot/internet. The responses on this survey will be processed in real time to determine which families qualify based on home technology gaps and socioeconomic status. Families who qualify will get a loaner Chromebook now and then will exchange it for the new Chromebook when they are delivered (late August).

If you borrowed a Chromebook last Spring and kept it over the summer, you should bring that computer in to be checked in as some of the Chromebooks passed out last Spring are nearing the end of their shelf life. You will be loaned or a newer Chromebook to be used for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you qualify for Oakland Undivided, you will need to bring the loaned computer back to receive the Oakland Undivided computer which you may keep for as long as you wish.

All Devices will be handed out along with textbooks (schedules will be viewable online) in one pickup ideally as we are making attempts to minimize trips for safety due to COVID-19. However, this should not stop you from accessing a Chromebook should the need ever arise now or in the future. Additionally, the PTSA will have school supplies available by class/subject matter if teachers of those specific courses have indicated what supplies will be needed.


Richard Fairly, Principal
Martel Price, Assistant Principal
Dana Sudduth, Assistant Principal
Russell Campisi, Assistant Principal
Elisabeth Calzaretta, Assistant Principal

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