Video of the Nov. 17 Oakland Tech PTSA Meeting: Distance Learning & Campus Closure Update

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The November 2020 Oakland Tech PTSA meeting featured updates on OUSD’s pandemic-related campus closures and on distance learning, with participation from Oakland Tech Principal Richard Fairly, District 1 School Board Director Jody London, District 1 School Board Director-Elect Sam Davis, Vanessa Sifuentes, Executive Director of the Oakland Unified School District High School Network, and Heath Madom, an Oakland Tech teacher who addressed the meeting as a member of the Oakland Education Association teachers’ union. Click below to watch a video recording of the meeting:

Resource Links From the PTSA Meeting Zoom Chat:

From Sam Davis: The City of Oakland also has a fee-based ‘pod’ with rec center staff supervising students doing distance learning, I saw an announcement for one in West Oakland, $540 for 2 weeks: There is financial aid available, contact

From Jody London: That is a subject of negotiations. Both OEA and the District have put forward “sunshine” proposals, which can be viewed in the agendas for the Oct. 28 Board meeting (OEA) and Nov. 12 (OUSD).

From Julie Glass: Thanks — For those who are interested, here is a link with more links to sunshining info:

From Sonja Travick: Tutorials are open to students from both quarters. Student can keep in touch and work with their teachers from quarter 1

From Oakland Tech PTSA:
Password: Bulldogs

From Michelle Quinn: For clubs, if you go to this link and hover over ABS clubs you’ll see a bunch of clubs

Randal Fraters Jr.: Howdy parents! I’m Mr. Fraters–a 9th grade English and History teacher. I’ve started a list of weekly book reviews and recommendations that I email to my students and families each week. If you want to throw material at your students, check out these reviews and pick up some books. I add a new review each week. The table of contents is here, with links to each review.

Randal Fraters Jr.: Also, during Tutorial each week I host podcasts for interested students. I have about 50 regulars who show up. If you want a list of podcasts to IV drip wisdom into your child’s brain, check out the schedule here with links and more recommendations at the bottom

From Jacqueline Arnoldy: To keep up with the Tech community in these difficult times and many extra available opportunities for your student, please follow one or more of the following: 1) the school news feed & upcoming events on the website 2) the e-newsletter The Bullhorn 3) OTHS Connections, OTHS College & Career, & You Meet The World Instagram pages

From Jody London: If you go you will see on the home page the links to the COVID info

From Bethany Meyer: Re: SpEd assessments, the MOU specifies that teachers cannot be required to come in to do special education assessments. Independent contractors are being assigned to complete INITIAL assessments according to an Equity Model.

From Sam Davis: Here is a link to the Readiness to Return dashboard on the district website:

Heath Madom:

Heath Madom: Ms. Arnoldy has a wealth of information!

Elizabeth Falkner: All students and their families are invited to the HBCU Forum – your chance to learn about Historically Black Colleges and Universities! Wed, 12/9/20 See the OT website for more details:

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