Final Exams

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Wed Jan.17.2018 @ 9:00am – 1:20pm

Finals Schedule

Please note that AC Transit IS NOT able to accommodate the early release times because they only allow a set number of schedule changes per year, which we’ve planned for June  5, 6 and 7. To accomodate students who depend on bus transportation, we will provide lunch at 1:20 PM and the after school program will provide study hall.

AC Transit Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Line 51A: 3:40p, 3:42p, 3:44p
  • Line 657 (2): 3:40p
  • Line 696: 3:45p, 3:50p


  • Line 51A (3): 2:32p
  • Line 657 (2): 2:30p
  • Line 696: 2:35p, 2:40p

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