Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)

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Wed Oct.16.2019 @ 9:00am – 12:15pm

The PSAT will be given to Oakland Tech 10th graders on Wednesday, October 16, starting at 9:00am. The fee for 10th graders is paid by the school district.

11th grade students and 9th grade students may also take the PSAT on October 16. The cost is $17.00, which must be paid to the School Treasurer by check. 11th and 9th graders must pre-register by September 30.

On October 16, students taking the PSAT will report to their assigned testing rooms on the main campus no later than 9:00am. Students must not be late. Testing students will have two 5-minute breaks during the morning and will be dismissed for lunch at 12:15pm. The school will be on the minimum day Wednesday schedule, and parents may excuse their testing students to go home after lunch, if desired. Testing students who stay at school after lunch will have study hall 5th period and their regular 6th period classes.

The bell schedule for non-testing students will be unchanged, but some classes will be combined together to meet with other teachers. Dismissal for all students will be 2:25pm.

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