Bai Yi (Ted) Chen ’08

Bai Yi (Ted) Chen Class of 2008
Bai Yi (Ted) Chen
Class of 2008
I emigrated from Guangzhou, China with my family when I was two years old. I lived in Oakland’s Chinatown. During my years at Tech there was great environment, and great teachers provided us with an education of a lifetime amidst budget cuts from the school district. The budget cuts were tough, but the teachers provided the best education possible with what was given.

AP Biology (Ms. Keeran’s class) played a big part of why I went into medicine. I loved biology and her class gave me the fundamentals to score a 5 on the AP Test. Tech bestowed upon me the attitude of preservation and toughness I used to get through college and medical school. Tech taught me to stay strong and stay positive.

My advice for current Tech students: try dunking on that crooked basketball hoop; it’s the best feeling ever.