Jameil Butler ’04

Jameil Butler Class of 2004
Jameil Butler
Class of 2004
My group of friends and I named ourselves the SQAD and won the “best friends” award in our senior year, 15 of us! We used our popularity to increase school spirit in sports and school-wide events such as rallies and Spirit Week. Another positive thing was being in the Education Academy and taking a southern California college tour with my fellow classmates. Mr. Zuckermann’s history class stands out because this was my first challenging class that allowed me to think critically and inspired me to become a better student. He didn’t accept a research paper I turned in. He allowed me to do it over because he said he knew that I had a lot more potential than I showed. Mr. Nicholas English class was a great class in which I learned how to write better and read college level books. I loved his teaching style and he brought out the best in me. One hard thing I can pinpoint is having someone pull a gun on me for my shoes when I was in the tenth grade. Although I eventually got them back, that was a tough experience for me and my family.