Oakland Tech’s counselors assist students in making informed, future-focused academic decisions that set them on the path to college and career success.

Our Oakland Tech Counselors

Ms.Theresa Langston — 9th grade, last names A through Luong
(510) 450-5400, ext. 116 |
During fall 2019 Ms.Teresa Williams ( is subbing for Ms.Langston who is on maternity leave.

Dr. Natalie Cunningham — 9th grade, last names Luu through Z
(510) 450-5400, ext. 118 |

Ms.Susheela Moonsamy — grades 10-12, last names A through E
(510) 450-5400, ext. 110 |

Ms.Amy Martinez — grades 10-12, last names F through Liang
(510) 450-5400, ext. 112 |

Ms. Emily Schoenhofer — grades 10-12, last names Liao through Q
(510) 450-5400, ext. 108 |

Ms.Jacqueline Johnson — grades 10-12, last names R through Z
(510) 450-5400, ext. 114 |

Contacting Counselors

The best way to contact your counselor is by email. Counselors do not have voicemail on their phones so you will not be able to leave a message if you call and no one answers. That said, you’re welcome to try to reach them by phone at (510) 450-5400, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Again, we encourage you to make initial contact through email, if possible. You may also contact counseling office assistant LaDale Cummings at (510) 450-5400 ext 151 or by email at 

Appointments & Drop-Ins

Students should schedule an appointment to see their counselor before school, during lunch, or after school. Counselors also have drop-in sessions during lunch and after school. During the school day, students must remain in their classes and will not be seen by their counselor without written permission (a blue pass).

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