Requesting a Transcript

Current Students

Please see Ms. Conocono in Room 120 (in the counseling office) to request an official transcript. There is a clipboard on her door where you can put your name and the number of transcripts you are requesting. Students may also get unofficial copies of their transcripts from their counselors and on their Aeries accounts, under Grade Reporting.

  • 1-2 Transcript Requests: Pick up after 24 hrs
  • 3+ Transcript Requests: Pick up 5 days from request date
Former Students

You may either call, email, or drop by Ms. Conocono’s office to request transcripts. There is a $5 fee, cash only. If you are out of state and need your transcript mailed, you may send a money order. Contact Ms. Conocono for more information.

Contact Information for Ms. Conocono

Phone: (510) 450-5400 ext 120
Oakland Technical High School
4351 Broadway, Room 120
Oakland, CA 94611


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