Credit for Sports

(Updated March 2, 2017)

Per OUSD policy, students are able to earn Physical Education or elective credit for participation in athletics. Please note: All 9th grade students are required to take P.E. 


  • Students may earn P.E. or elective credit for participating in an approved Oakland Athletic League sport and/or the following Tech Club Sports — ice hockey, lacrosse and rowing — during the school year.
  • Students may earn 5 credits per sport/season up to a maximum of 15 credits.
  • Students must provide proof that they participated in the sport. (Contact Tech’s Athletic Director, Jim Coplan.)
  • Students must present proof to the counselor and will then receive their credit automatically. (Unlike Tech’s previous policy, students are not required to write an essay nor pass physical fitness and swim tests.)
  • Students must remain eligible throughout the whole season.
  • 10th grade students who do not pass the state mandated Physical Fitness Test (PFT) during 9th grade will not be able to earn credit for sports until they pass the PFT. They must continue to enroll in Physical Education classes until they pass the PFT, under California Education Code. After the student passes the PFT, then credit for participating in an OAL sport can be added to the transcript retroactively by following the procedure described above. It is the student’s obligation to obtain proof of completion of the OAL sport from the Athletic Director at the end of the season and to keep it on file until the PFT is passed.

If you have any questions, please contact a school administrator or counselor.

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