Welcome to Performing Arts!

The Oakland Technical HS Performing Arts Department aims to build integrity and artistry for individuals through being an active part of an ensemble through performing in any one or more of the four disciplines: Drama, Dance, Music and Theater Technical Management. In our classes we teach history, theory, notation, practice, composition and arranging, choreography and set-designs.

Our goals are to develop technique, adherence to rigour, artistry, time management, and concentration through Dance, Drama, Music and Stage Technical skills, and the personal perception as a performer, while building an understanding of the unique and important role that every individual plays in an ensemble, be it a play, a dance performance, musical accompaniment or group ensemble, or as the sound, lighting and back-stage crew.

To support our goals we request that students actively participate in class, rehearsals, fulfill their written assignments, practice their parts (Drama), agility (Dance), instrument (Music 20 minutes per day) and responsibilities (Techies).

All students must attend all of their rehearsals, and performances (see Calendar at this link). Students are responsible for notifying teachers well in advance and working out all arrangements for any conflicts arising with other activities and their performances.


Techies – Black to the Future 2/21

[Show thumbnails] On Friday, February 21st, our Techies crew provided a great production support for the Dance Department’s Black History ...
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Dance – Black to the Future 2/21

[Show thumbnails] On Friday, February 21, the Dance department brought to the stage a collection of dances, fashion and art ...
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Music – Tech musicians at Muse VIVO concert

On Sunday, February 16th, our Oakland Tech students that participate in Muse VIVO – the city-wide program for orchestra sponsored ...
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Music – Summer Playing Opportunities

We know our students are often very busy during the summer with internships and family vacations and, most bands and ...
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Music – UC Berkeley Performance and Workshop

The Orchestra will attend a performance and workshop with Amir El Saffar and the River of Sound Orchestra. Students will ...
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Music – Music Department Fundraiser

The music department’s annual fundraising event is quickly approaching on 3/13, please join us. This year we want to provide ...
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