Performing and Visual Arts – A call for parents and community support

“We must come face-to-face with this new reality and prepare plans for how we intend to open our schools and what arts education – visual and performing arts – will look like.”
“Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is inherent in the arts, but it needs to be activated, [..] and intentional to have an impact”

[Our New Reality-Bob Morrison]

To that end we want to share a number of resources to help parents in their advocacy and support for our programs at Oakland Tech, so that they continue to fulfill our students needs and as programs they will continue to thrive and provide the enrichment needed for generations to come despite this pandemic. Our teachers have adapted their skills and courses on a dime this past spring to teach our children in  a different manner.  Let us all support them, in turn, and lend our voices to ask that the district not devalue their importance of these enrichment classes, albeit in a transformed  format, yet still providing all the educational benefits to our students, as they have always done and more.  Visual and performance arts have shown in repeated studies that they are the conduits through which effective Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) can be brought to the classrooms. And, all students will be in need of robust SEL our arts visual and performing arts are uniquely positioned to fulfill this need.

As a first action, please consider signing this petition to ask our district administrators not to neglect or overlook the visual and performing arts in their future plans: 

Also, check out the links below for additional ways in which you can support the visual and performing arts at Tech and throughout OUSD.


Drama and performances provide and improve:

  • academic performance
  • outperform non-art peers on academic testing
  • attendance and school culture
  • reading comprehension
  • building self-esteem
  • bridging the achievement gap

“The statistics from […] studies […] show that most of the public feels the performing arts play a significant role in our culture and communities and are important to America’s youth.”      [Benefits of Theater Education – American Alliance for Theater Education]
 For more information on advocacy of Theater Arts  check the American Alliance for Theater Education


Dance instruction provides:

  • Improved student achievement
  • Improved school culture
  • Teacher satisfaction

Additional information available at Advancing Dance Education in the Arts.


Music instruction is well suited to provide SEL to our students: 

For additional information please go to these links: 


Techies – Help needed for set construction.

Where: Tech Auditorium
When: 4/14 from 10AM to 4PM
This Saturday, Mr. Fern will be working in the Auditorium to get the space in better shape and to help direct construction for the upcoming drama production (April).
If you have some time to spare this Saturday to lend a hand, the students of the Performing Arts would be really grateful, and the Techies would be excited to have you join the construction team.
Work will start at 10am 
The next community work day will be April 4. (Yes, during spring break!)
Wishing you all the best.
Casey Fern.

Techies – Black to the Future 2/21

On Friday, February 21st, our Techies crew provided a great production support for the Dance Department’s Black History Month presentation Black to the Future. We want to the the crews that have held and supported during weeks of rehearsal prior to the performance on 2/21. During the performance they are the people power behind stage management, props, lighting and video recording. The Techies group are led by Mr. Casey Fern.

Thank you!!

Music – OUSD Jazz Festival 2020


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On February 4, the OUSD Jazz Festival was welcomed at the Oakland Tech HS Auditorium along with jazz bands from Claremont, Roosevelt, Bret Harte, Edna Brewer and Montera Middle Schools, and the Oakland, Skyline and Tech High Schools. Additionally numbers were performed by the Laney College Big Band and the Oakland East Side All Stars jazz ensembles.

The evening was full of music and well attended. We want to thank our OUSD music programs’ and Oakland Tech music supporters, and Mr. Allen for leading our musicians in a great performance. We also want to extend a great big thank you to our Tech Techies for providing stage, sound and lighting direction and management throughout the event.

Here for your enjoyment videos of Oakland Tech’s Jazz Ensemble:
First Circle
OUSD Very Big Band


Techies – The Apollos Production

We want acknowledge the production contribution of our Techies to a very successful run of Oak Tech Rep “The Apollos”.
You are an invaluable part of this production. The Techies provided support during days of rehearsals, including lighting, sound and stage management, and support before and during the performances including the soon to be available videos.

Thank you to Mr. Fern for his continued support and leadership in this discipline.

Drama – The Apollos Jan 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th

Download (PDF, 6.17MB)

OakTech Rep presents

“The Apollos”

An original production and collaboration between the Drama and the Music department, honoring Oakland Tech’s rich student advocate lineage, and the legacy of MLK Jr. 

Performances the weekend before MLK Jr. Birthday.  (Thank you Apollos!) 

 January 16th & 17th & 18th @  7pm. 

January 19th- 5pm

 Buy tickets for The Apollos! We Who Reach for the Stars!

Performing Arts’ Showcase 11-21-2019


On Thursday 11/21 students that participate in the performing arts – Drama, Dance, Music and Techies – provided a great showcase of what they are working on for their forthcoming performances.
Drama performed scenes from their new play. Advanced Dance provided a look into the fine artistry of body motion and control. And Music showcased their musical abilities.  And, our Techies provided, sound, lighting and technical support for all groups.

We are all looking forward to the forthcoming shows.

Music – Winter Concert

Download (PDF, 534KB)

Oakland Tech Music Department is happy to announce the Winter Concert, on:

December 5th, at 6:30PM

Among our musical groups the Guitar Class, the Jazz Band and the Orchestra will be presenting various pieces, And,  the Oakland Tech and Skyline High Schools will be presenting a combined choir performance. 

Students will need to arrive no later than 5:30 to warm up, tune and eat dinner (food will be provided). Concert attire is required,

Please be on the look out for communications from Mr. Allen.  

For parents support/volunteering to help us feed our students (musicians and techies) and families please go to this link.

Performing Arts – Fridge Donation Needed

Dear OT Community, 

The Performing Arts department often hold very long rehearsals and after school performances. Our community is often very generous and provides food that is not always all eaten. We are in need of a full-size home or commercial refrigerator/freezer to store some of the foods.

The Performing Arts Deparment is asking the community for a fridge donation.  If there is anyone that knows of someone or a business improving their office spaces or changing their home  fridge willing to donate the appliance please contact Ms. Travick or Mr. Casey to arrange delivery.