Music – Students help create a virtual performance.

The Music Department came together one more time to create a version of the Pointer Sisters’ Yes We Can Can, by Allen Toussaint, and the participation of students from Jazz Band, Orchestra and Choir .

After the cancellation of many of the years usual performances due to COVID-19. Our students came together one more time. We want to thank Mr. Allen for assembling and putting this performance together from providing arrangements, to coordinating students, and the innumerable hours of  assembly required for this video. Thank you!

The music department’s virtual performance of “Yes We Can Can” will be part of the graduation video productioning streaming at 6:00 pm Wednesday evening. (tomorrow 5/27).  A cool coincidence – one of the celebrities speaking during the graduation is Anita Pointer, of the Pointer Sisters! (You can’t plan this stuff, sometimes it just happens!)

Other contributions from the music department will include Emile Serper’s terrific cello ensemble production of “Eleanor Rigby” and Tyler Jeung’s piano performance of “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Please enjoy our virtual performance at this link