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OT Winter Music Showcase

After more than a year hiatus our musical ensembles made a return to the Oakland Tech stage. We want to thank everyone that came out to support and listen to music live. 

We also want to thank our Oakland Tech Techies  for helping make this a great return to in person music listening.

Please enjoy watching the videos at the link below – 

1st Piece; 2nd Piece; Summertime 3rd Piece; 4th Piece; 5th Piece; 6th Piece; Debussy 7th Piece; Singers 8th Piece;  Handel 9th Piece; Mozart 10th Piece; Singers 11th Piece; Zoe’s solo 12th Piece; Grace’s solo 13th Piece; Respect 14th Piece; Finale 15th Piece.


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