Music – Winter Concert 2019

On Thursday, December 5th, the Music Department performed the Winter Concert. Thank you to all the families and community that came to listen and support. It was a great evening with performances from the Orchestra, Guitar Class, the combined choirs of Oakland Tech and Skyline HS, and the Jazz band. The evening ended with a rousing  Stevie Wonder finale, a preview of You Are the Sunshine of My Life, our theme for the Music Fundraiser on March 13th.

We want to thank a number of groups that have made the evening such a success, and they are :

  • The Oakland Techies for the behind-the-scene stage support, lighting, sound and video recordings. Thank you!
  • Ms. Deborah Green’s class for art and video. Thank you!
  • A big shout out to all the parents that volunteered in providing and manning the  food tables for our students and families, and handling ticket sales. Thank you!
  • Our professional mentors: Andy Butler (bass), Areetha Cooper (Choir), Kasey Knudsen (Sax), Emanuela Nikiforova (violin), Isaac Schwartz (drums) Sara Usher of the HOUSE program (strings). Thank you!
  • Our community Sponsors: Grammy Museum Foundation, Distaff Singers, Ruth Stroup- Farmers Insurance, and David Higgins CUSH Real Estate. Thank you!

Please enjoy videos of the performances at the following links: 

Magic Flute Overture
Shackleford Banks
Forge of Vulcan
Guitar Class:
Nothing Else Matters
Combined Choirs:
Carol of the Bells
Make You Feel My Love
Winter Song
Jazz Band:
Wiggle Walk
I Hope in Time a Change Will Come
Four on Six
You Are the Sunshine of My Life