Drama/Techies – Volunteers Needed for our upcoming play

parent &community volunteers needed! 


Dear Performing Arts parents and OT Community at large:

Our Drama department is working hard to bring you a play this coming November. The first play in over 20+ months! We need your help!! November is a crucial month of rehearsals ending with 3 performances. 

The cast and crew are in need of the following:

Make up and Hair support – we need parent and/or community volunteers willing to help our students during rehearsals  (you can check when rehearsals are happening here). You can also sign up by going to this link

Construction: Our Techies are hard at work, but they need construction support for set building. You can also sign up by going to this link

Cast food and meals: The cast and crew will enter a month of long rehearsals to organize the food donations for 45-to 50 students on multiple days as well as offering refreshments and food for performance nights to audience members. Please sign up here

Front of house: During the performances we will need  parent volunteers for ticket distribution and payment intake Please sign up here.

Please consider getting involved we want to come back strong and put forth a great performance