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Tech’s Physical Education Dept. focuses on helping Bulldog students become physically literate individuals with the knowledge, confidence and skills to enjoy a lifetime of healthful activities.

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General Policies

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To meet the high school graduation requirement in PE, students must complete 20 credits by the end of their senior year.

9th Grade

PE is required for all 9th grade students. They will be evaluated on their progress in the following eight areas:

  1. Effects of physical activity upon dynamic health
  2. Mechanics of body movement
  3. Aquatics (see Swimming Policy below)
  4. Gymnastics and tumbling
  5. Individual and dual sports
  6. Rhythms and dance
  7. Team sports
  8. Combative

Students may also take Dance for their PE credit if they successfully complete their first year PE and pass a fitness test. 9th graders who do not pass five of the six items in the fitness test must continue to take PE sophomore year.

The fitness test consists of:

  1. One-mile run
  2. 90º push-ups
  3. Curl-ups
  4. Shoulder stretch
  5. Trunk lift
  6. Height/weight
Swimming Policy

The Tech PE Dept. feels that swimming is an important tool to help students with the principles of biomechanics and give them a sense of pride in accomplishing a personal goal. The Dept. is also concerned about deaths associated with water sports. Swimming consists of two six-week-long units. Students will be allowed to stay in the next teacher’s swim unit until they pass the test (assessment). Students who pass the test will receive their grade for both marking periods.

All students must pass the swimming assessment test which consists of four steps that must be done continuously:

  1. Dive in the Deep end of the pool
  2. Swim 20 yds (720 ft.)
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds
  4. Pick up object from bottom of pool

Swimming Exemptions

Teachers will modify the swim assessment (test) for the following students:

  • Students with medical reasons and certified Doctor letter
  • Students with religious objections to swimming with males in a class:
    • Students must bring a personalized note from their religious leader exempt from swimming.
  • Students with special needs.
10th Grade

10th grade students may be exempt from PE if they passed five of six areas in their 9th grade CA Physical Fitness Test (PFT). 10th grade students who fail to pass five of six areas of the CA PFT are required to take sophomore year PE.

All students who wish to request exemptions must apply and be approved each year during the remainder of their time at Oakland Tech. The goal is for students to adopt and maintain a lifestyle that reflects the understanding and appreciation of mentally, emotionally and physically healthy behaviors. As attendance and dressing for PE are a must, grades will be based on the student’s effort, participation, achievements, written assignments and knowledge.

Facilities Rotation & Teaching Units 2017-18

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“A” Period PE in Action

Credit for Sports Participation

Please review these OUSD guidelines regarding earning Physical Education or elective credits for sports participation. If you have any questions, please contact an administrator or counselor.

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