2018 Oakland Tech Auction Gala

What a Success!

Thanks to the major effort of so many people, the 2018 Oakland Tech Auction beat our goals and set a fundraising record! We have raised more than $103,000! WOW! 

Still Wish to Help?

If you’d like to participate further (or missed your chance at the gala on March 3), you have a couple of great options:

Need to Pick Up Items?

If you still have items to pick up from the online auction or gala, please email Lisa Klein at ljklein@yahoo.com and/or Jenny, jenniferkarynberg@gmail.com.

Thank You, Everyone! 

We want to give a heartfelt thank you to the Oakland Tech family for coming together at the Auction Gala! Both our theme and goal was to “Celebrate Community & Unity” and we absolutely accomplished that. It was such a pleasure to see parents, school teachers and staff, and even students come together to mingle, feast and dance together! We’ve had a lot of feedback about what a wonderful evening it was, and we want to remind everyone that it takes many, many volunteers to make the Oakland Tech auction happen. You should know that several volunteers spent 10+ hours on Saturday — and that’s in addition to the many, many hours of planning and preparation done in advance. 

We want to give special thanks to our amazing auction team …

Auction Planning & Procurement
  • Morris Dye, Online Auction Website Coordinator
  • Teresa Tauchi, Online Auction Website Coordinator
  • Michelle Quinn, Communication Coordinator
  • Julie Glass, Donation Coordinator – Local Businesses    
  • Sabina Pecchi, Donation Coordinator – Online
  • Linda Basham, Party Coordinator
  • Audrey Young, Party Coordinator
  • Shona Armstrong, Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Rebecca Petty, Wine Cellar Coordinator
  • Cecile Chenevy, Online Auction Bagging Coordinator
  • Paul Kagiwada, Graphic Designer
  • Lisa Klein, Donation Storage Coordinator
  • Pam O’Tey, Document Support
Gala Planning and Execution
  • Stacia Eyerly Hatfield, Day-of-Event Chair
  • Lisa Klein, Display Coordinator
  • Ben Riddell, Bar Coordinator
  • Bobby Vaughan, Food Coordinator
  • Morris Dye Gala Data-entry/Check-out Coordinator    
  • Teresa Tauchi, Gala Check-in Coordinator
  • Scott Nelson Windels, Audio/Visual Coordinator
  • Mike Aronson, Bagging Coordinator
  • Stacey Luce, Graphic Designer – Catalog
  • Terry Cullinane, Graphic Designer – Party Signs
  • Tiffany Tong, Student Volunteer Coordinator

In addition, we have huge gratitude to those that took on volunteer shifts at the gala, ‘adopted’ a block for procurement, picked up donations, made phone calls, and the many other tasks that go into  a successful event. Further, thanks to the student volunteers, many of whom are part of the OT Student Government Association, for taking an active role in the auction.

With deep gratitude,

Elizabeth Falkner & Jenny Berg
2018 Auction Co-Chairs

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